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Welcome to Wessex_Electric_Nutter’s work in progress site. A separate site to the main site.


You are possibly here as you are after some content that isn’t released. One word of warning, the content on this site is considered incomplete for various reasons and may contain many errors. Further more, its very unlikely, but I cannot be responsible for any damage caused to your computing equipment either via access to this site or any files contained on it.

Also available, is some source files that you are freely allowed to use for the uses you like. All content on this site is free to use and modify. I do not ask for money, but I don’t mind donations, I’ll leave that optional. (I don’t intend to make any money from my content.)


Some content has missing references, if you have anything that is of use or I have modelled something incorrectly. Or some new information, please let me know. A lot of content is missing references and the author is unable to find any. If you spot errors that that I have missed, let me know.


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