Renault Clio Mk1 service manuals (1990 to early 1998)

Base manuals (Maintenance Repair 295/296)

MR 295 - 0 MR 295 - 1 MR 295 - 2 MR 295 - 3 MR 295 - 4 MR 295 - 5 MR 295 - 6 MR 295 - 7 MR 295 - 8
General Information Engines (Codes C1E/E5F/E5J/F2N/F8Q) Clutch/Gearbox/Drivetrain Brakes/Steering ? ? Heating/Air Condtioning ? Electrical

MR 296 - todo

Notice Technical (Issued after MR manuals are handed out after the model launch and can contain addtional information or substantial changes). Note, these are ordered by number and may refer to the base manual, sometimes sorted by engine type or other interesting part.

NT number: NT0269 NT0304A NT0355A NT1618A NT1644A NT1652A NT1766A
Description: Upper Crossmember support grille Directions for drilling mounting holes for the rear spoiler External Rear View Mirrors E7F and E7J engines Braking Update to MR295 changes to Clio range The principal operation of the power steering pump
Base manual: MR296 MR296 MR296     MR295 MR25
Engines:       E7F/E7J     F8Q/F2N/F3P
Other info:     Published September 96 Single Point Fuel injected engines Seems to show rear disc brakes and quad torsion bar setup Shows different electrical equipment that was added to later clions Electrical power steering and mechanical power steering


NT number: NT1786A NT1976A NT1994A NT2166A NT2231A NT2234A
Description: Alternator Diavia Air Conditioning Modification to the installation of the compressor in F3P engines Special features of F3P, F3R and F7R engines Special Points regarding  Clio version TI96 Bosch Monopoint Injection
Base manual: MR295 MR295 MR295   E7F750 - E7J 754/F3P 755 - F3P 758 MR295 and NT1912
Engines:     F3P F3P/F3R/F7R E7F/E7J/F3P (certain ones) E7F/E7J/F3P (certain ones)
Other info: Removing and refitting alternator on 1.7 clio models and 1.8 Baccara Model C57D   Cancels and replaces NT1890 (not on here) Also refers to NT2234A  


NT number: NT2342A NT2376A NT2466A NT2497A NT2557A NT2661A
Description: Description of Variable-capacity compressor Engine Immobiliser Special Features for the Clio equipped with the D7F engine Engine immobilsers - petrol and diesel 2nd generation Special features of the new Clio Special Features of the Clio fitted with the E7J engine.....
Base manual:   MR295 MR295 MR295 MR295 MR295 and NT2234A
Engines:     D7F D7F / Diesel   E7J
Other info: April 1995 July 1995 April 1996 January 1996 June 1996 - Phase 3 models November 1996


NT number: NT2758A NT2773A NT2914A NT3319A NT6008A  
Description: Clio D7F F type engines without intermediate shaft Modification to the installation of the compressor in F3P engines Summary of Technical Notes Engine Immobilsers  
Base manual: NT2466   (Various - NT2342A/2376/2497)      
Engines: D7F F3P/F3R/F7R/F8Q/F9Q        
Other info: D7F fitted with Airconditioning April 1997 Valeo Engine immobilser with PLIP   March 2009(!)