City Of Abbotsford Collective Agreement

The City of Abbotsford believes in dedicated, safe and dedicated staff. Therefore, a continuous improvement approach to staff development is essential to abbotsford`s success and to the personal success of each employee. The provision of effective urban services and programmes depends on our individual and collective commitment to lifelong learning. A new contract with unionized workers in the city saw a sharp increase in the compensation of CUPE employees in 2017. This 49 per cent increase represents the bulk of the $US 3.8 million increase in compensation that was rolled out last year to high-income municipal employees. Some of this new money could disappear next year, as CUPE employees received an additional payment for the time worked in 2016, following the ratification in the fall of 2017 of a new contract that was reduced to this year. The new contract for CUPE provided for a salary increase of 1.5% in 2017. A city spokesman said most of the increase in spending was due to the purchase of new uniforms for firefighters. The city offers learning opportunities for employees through our annual training calendar for business, departmental training and professional development. Difficult winter conditions in early 2017 also contributed to pay slips, with overtime payments up more than $600,000 from last year. The expenditures of various members of the Council have changed over the past three years.

A year ago, Barkman and Falk each had expenses of less than $1,000, while Siemens and Falk were in the central pack. This was recommended by an independent committee to develop a new policy. The City of Abbotsford values and supports employees in their professional development and lifelong learning goals. In addition, we offer our employees a comprehensive set of total compensations. Mayor Henry Braun spent $7,834 while couns. The Barkmans, Sandy Blue, Moe Gill, Dave Loewen and Brenda Falk raised between $4,800 and $6,800 in expenses. Counsel. Patricia Ross spent $813, while Coun. Ross Siemens had the lowest expense account at 413 $US. The ratified contract provides that CUPE employees will receive an additional payment for work 2016 This year will be the last for which the salary increases of the council and the mayor are based on inflation. In 2016, the Council voted for their salary increases to be linked to a citizen`s average salary.

Council members receive three-quarters of the salary of an average full-time employee, while the mayor earns two and a half times the salary of a councillor. .

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