Wsu The College Enterprise Agreement

House Bill 2669 2017-18 amends RCW 41.06.070 to remove the exemption for part-time employees from state regulations for the public service. Once the Crown`s Office of Financial Management of Human Resources has completed its amendments to the Public Service By-law, the parties agree to meet and discuss possible changes to the 2017-2019 collective agreement and the 2019-2021 draft collective agreement. This letter of intent does not constitute a precedent and does not reflect the position of either party with respect to the application of the wording of the collective agreement prior to July 1, 2017. By mutual agreement, the parties may consolidate claims arising from the same facts. Agreement – This collective agreement between the union and the University 2. If a vacancy is not available within an employee`s dismissal unit, the employee has the option of replacing any non-permanent employee within the dismissal unit, including trainee employees, who have a position in the employee`s current classification or a classification in which they had a permanent status in which they held permanent status. Acceptance of a non-permanent position does not change the employee`s permanent status or rights under the collective agreement, including dismissal rights. 7. The University will not reduce an employee`s normal work schedule to avoid paying overtime, unless there is a mutual agreement between the employee and the University. e.

Meal times may be cancelled upon written agreement between the employee and the supervisor. 2. Changes to annual leave: individual periods of annual leave may be changed at any time by mutual agreement between the worker(s) concerned and the supervisor; Under no circumstances, however, will an employee`s scheduled annual leave affect the necessary work of the organization, the determination of which rests with supervision. A summary of each agreement can be found below, including the main changes between the previous and current agreements. More information on trade negotiations can be found at the following links. The Parties intend to fulfill the objectives of Chapter 41.80 of the Revised Washington Code (RCW) to formalize the agreements between the Washington State University Board of Regents (the “University” or “the Employer”) and the Washington State Employees Federation, AFSCME Council 28, AFL-CIO (the “Union” or “WFSE”) and their determination in this Collective Agreement (the “Agreement”) D. Except as provided herein and in agreements entered into pursuant to Article 28 or through negotiations arising from requests for negotiation, this Agreement terminates and supersedes all agreements, rules, regulations, past practices and working practices of the University. *SPECIAL NOTE NOTE 1 – This language will be added to the contract in accordance with an agreement between WSU and WFSE to amend the article. . . .

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