About Me

About me:

My name is Russell Burgess, from West Sussex. I started this site to promote my work I have done in the Trainz community over time, but ended up going a lot further, talking about collections and daily life convert2mp3 kostenlos musik downloaden. As of current as I write this, I do work, I work for a railway Train Operating Company as Train Presentation, to which my duties vary greatly and as an example, one day, I could be cleaning trains, the next I could be walking around the platform during the height of disruption, a job I enjoy, but wanting to move further ps4 spiele downloaden oder cd kaufen.

My interests would be trains mainly, the “Wessex Electric” part refers to one particular type that has had a varied history, originally working for Network SouthEast, then South West Trains, moved to Southern for the Gatwick Express, then 18 out of 24 built taken on by the South Western Raiway as part of a franchise commitment to increase capacity xperia companion. To keep this brief, you may find out more about them in the future.

In the early part of my life, I became interested in computing, from the age of 3 firefox download chip deutsch kostenlos. I have had various computers throughout my life, mostly playing computer games on them, but more recently, started programming. Later on, I learnt programming in Visual BASIC (version 6), then onto C++, C#, Javascript and latterly Java, at this point, I also started collecting computers songs for birthday free. It started off with a laptop, then another one, then another one, then another 3(!) until my collection swelled, contracted, swelled, contracted and now swelled a lot freitag der 13 kostenlos herunterladen! I decided to write up about them as I use laptops mostly as I travel by train mostly, as that is the time I am able to do any real work. Mostly, at the time of writing, I travel mostly with an HP Elitebook 2170p or a Panasonic Toughbook CF-18, I have brought and sold loads but I have a lot of regrets I will admit of selling prime video auf englisch herunterladen. The eventual aim was to produce a render farm with laptops, but this never happened as of yet.

I am able to drive and I ended up with 4 cars, one given to me and 3 I brought and intending to keep win skat kostenlos downloaden. The cars are a 1997 Renault Clio and 2 2001 Renualt Grand Espace, differing in colour, engines and gearboxes. These I intend to preserve in the future as they are dissapearing quickly, especially the Renault Grand Espace V6 due to their automatic gearbox issues which mine is currently suffering a similar fate windows 7 deutsche sprache herunterladen.

Lastly, my personal life, I’m engaged to the most loveliest lady I’ve met, who originates from Kazahkstan of all places, so considered Russian firefox herunterladen und installieren. We’ve been together since March 2017 and never looked back, I’m also considered to be on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder, more specifically, a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome, which I was apparently diagnosed really early on, around 1990. My education was not great as I started in a special needs school, eventually making it to University and leaving with a BSc degree in Computer Games Technologies at University of Portsmouth. I’ve spent soo much time trying to work around the condition, sorting various flaws like social issues, but from my discovery also depends on the support around you. The hard work seems to of paid off and I’ve got a lot further than I have now than earlier in my life. Theres also better understanding of the condition and better awareness, so help is a lot more easily available. In the future, I hope to do some YouTube videos of various hardware, incorporating various elements such as computer suitability (by buying old hardware) and building more complex programs.