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/Class 502 EMU


If you recongise the unit, yes, its also available for Trainz and is drivable. It is also available for Railworks but is currently un-drivable. Included is the DMBS and TS. These are direct imports using the same Trainz models as Trainz, but with Railworks additions added.

Download here

/4 Wheel Trailer Third


Based on no particular example, these coaches (or in my case, this coach) is based on several examples and assumptions. These coaches vary so much, is difficult to keep track - there are also assumptions made. If you think you recongise this coach, you are right, its also available for Trainz, this is the railworks example which is a direct import save for materials of this coach with some railworks odditities included. Currently, only the trailer third is available.

Download here

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